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Would you like a better communication and relationship with your dog?

Help your dog to overcome fears or behavior issues, such as hyperactivity, anxiety, stress, aggression (to other dogs or humans), excessive barking, sadness, obsession or possessiveness with food, toys or people or issues with housebreaking?

My system is friendly and efficient

A master!
¨Marco is highly recommended by Sayulitanimals A.C. Marco Ojeda speaks the canine language and will teach you to understand your pet’s behavior and how to communicate with your dog in his/her “language”.
Working with Marco is a very rewarding and a highly interesting experience and will strengthen the bond between you and your beloved pet.”

Sara Carmen Briner

President of  Sayulitanimals A.C , Sayulita Nayarit

Great and effective service!
¨It´s worth every minute!
Marco is a great person and always looks out for what you and your dog need.
He helped me with my dog, a young doberman who didn’t like to be touched on its hind legs.
I do recommend him because he is assertive and a very professional guy.¨

Julian Garza

Arquidiócesis de Monterrey Nuevo Léon

Personal service with immediate results!

“Marco went to my house, heard everything we had to say or wanted to change in our dogs. He spent some time with them and then gave us some exercises. 45 minutes later my dogs stopped doing things like escaping when the door was open or being extremely excited when we came home.
Marco is a great guy and his advice is not limited to the session you have with him.
I also work for a Dog Shelter (Malix Pek A.C). Marco came to the shelter and helped us with some problems we were having with some dogs. We had a great experience with him and are very thankful for Marco.”
Gustavo Calderón

Lawyer at Calderón & Asociados, Playa del Carmen, Qroo

Excellent experience!

“I could not recommend Marco more; he is an amazing person with a very special way with dogs. After our first sessions with Marco I saw a remarkable change in my dog. He was able to give me the tools I needed to continue to work with my dog to create not only a better-behaved dog but also a dog bonded to our family in a very special way. Marco is gentle and kind and has an incredible intuitive knowledge of what they need and how to best work with them.”

-Kerry Hodge

Owner of Sayulita Life, Sayulita Nayarit


“When Marco came to my house and met our dog and the problems we were having, he said something that to me was very important: It´s not that she is disobedient or behaves badly, but that she finds it difficult to stop doing what she has learned because of her temperament or just doesn’t understand us.”

Patricia Carillo

Guadalajara Jalisco, México.

¨I love Marco. He trained me and Filius 6 years ago to better our relationship and he helped us overcome a family crisis.”

Olga Villegas

Director at Toro Pinto, Guadalajara Jalisco, México.


Thank you Marco Ojeda for the incredible workshops you gave over the summer!

“It´s important to understand that communication with dogs is bilateral: they won’t understand us just because and we can’t understand them without understanding their signals, their way of communicating.If you want to improve the life you lead with your dog or if you wish that his life with you improves, contact Marco! More than a trainer, an extraordinary rehabilitator!”

Vitana, Granja – Equitación – Acompañamiento

El Bajío Zapopan Jalisco, México

The means to commune

Contact me to live a happy life with dogs


Start off on the right paw, contact me!

To start the process for setting up a consultation you first need to send an email with your name, age, city and country. Please write a brief explanation of why you are contacting me. Receiving your email, I will send you a questionnaire that you must respond.

Location & Availability

I live in Guadalajara Jalisco, México, Im here most of year but I travel inn and out of the country. Ask for details if you would like for me to come to your city or country. Consultations are subject to availability.

Schedule: varies depending or where I am at the time, contact me to book your first consultation.

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Marco Ojeda
E-Mail: vivirconperrosmx@gmail.com

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